"Jazzmeia Horn is one of the greatest vocalists I've heard in 40 years!"
- Jon Hendricks

"With a strong nod to the vocal traditions of the past, and a headstrong look to the future, Jazzmeia Horn is a talent we'll certainly be hearing from--and about--for many years. A 2013 graduate of Betty Carter's Jazz Ahead.
Her fiery yet nuanced delivery harkens back to Betty Carter in many ways.
A recent graduate of New York's New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music, she was the recipient of the "Rising Star" award at the inaugural Sarah Vaughan International Jazz Vocal Competition in 2012 and The Winner of the inaugural Sarah Vaughan International Jazz Competition in 2013.
A regular guest vocalist on the road with Kennedy Center favorite Winard Harper, Jazzmeia brings her own quartet to DC for her KC Jazz Club debut."
- Washington Post/Kennedy Center News

"When Jazzmeia Horn took the stage at last year’s Sarah Vaughan International Jazz Vocal Competition as the winner of the Rising Star award (for younger performers) she sounded ready to go head to head with the singers aiming for the top $5,000 prize.

This year, she was back — and that first-place award was hers!

A student at the New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music in Manhattan, Horn gave an unpredictable, uninhibited and thrilling performance at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center yesterday.

After an exuberant, rhythmically charged “I Remember You” complete with brassy solos, she worked her voice into spirals as she described the dizzy “spinning around” of love in “You Go to My Head.” In “East of the Sun” she mined her voice for new colors, with some explosive top notes, a siren wail and occasional deliberate rawness.

She had at her disposal lovely, smoky low notes as well as a full-on power belt. She gave highly personal, deeply felt performances as she plied her arsenal of tempo, dynamic and timbre choices.

Her presence was strong as well, as she confidently called out to the accompanying Mike Renzi trio and audience as though this were her regular band and crowd.

She kicked up a heel or two from beneath her long white gown as the stage lights caught the glitter strewn throughout her hair. Aptly named as a tribute to her parents’ love of music, she received a standing ovation for her performance."  
- NJ Times

Sweet Georgia Brown (Jazmei.mp3